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Ask Your Husband
Mrs. Timothy J Gordon
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There is, perhaps, no more controversial statement today than “the husband is the boss of his wife.”

In Ask Your Husband, Stephanie C. Gordon explains how this proposition proves to be required by Scripture and by two millennia of Catholic teaching.


Ask Your Husband instructs Catholic wives how properly to serve their husbands in Christian marriage: by emulating our Lady and by embracing the household patriarchy, just as she did. Ask Your Husband is a counter-cultural manifesto of the domicile.


Against the fetid rot of feminism, Christian wives should employ this book in their labors to rehabilitate the wayward popular Christian view of their sexual roles, their souls, their marriages, and their mothering. 

What is a retrograde?

A retrograde calculates, night and day, how to return the world to:

  •  the Old Order of moral and sexual decency,

  • classical masculinity,

  • national sovereignty and national borders,

  • faith and hope and charity,

  • goodness and beauty and truth,

  • Christian civic liberty, 

  • and most importantly, the social kingship of Christ. 

In the words of Shakespeare, a retrograde is one of God’s spies.
The retrograde has the unique capacity for understanding the stark chasm between the degenerate, socialist-infiltrated world of decay on one side and the well-meaning, good-hearted, but clueless Christian world on the other. 
In a time of such profound decay, being one of God’s spies is a last resort and a pure necessity: it involves not “deep cover,”—i.e., acting like the enemy—but rather “half cover”: acting as a “contra” in the secular arena, a crypto-Christian counterinsurgent willing to fight like a Navy Seal and to think like a counterintel officer. 
Retrogrades . . . to the streets: our aim is to reverse the deliberate, deuced machinations of “radicals” like Saul Alinsky who, by penning the rulebook of radicalism, threw down a challenge that has, until now, gone unanswered. Rules for Retrogrades is the handbook men of good will need to win the culture war!

Some Christians decry the deism of our Founding Fathers...

claiming that outright anti-Christian principles lie at the heart of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, crippling from birth our beloved republic.

Here philosopher Timothy Gordon forcefully disagrees, arguing that while anti-Catholic bias kept them from admitting their reliance on Aristotle, Aquinas, and the early Jesuits, our Protestant and Enlightenment Founding Fathers secretly held Catholic views about politics and nature.


Had they fully adhered to Catholic principles, argues Gordon, the "Catholic republic" that is America from its birth would not today be on the verge of social collapse. The instinctive Catholicism of our Founders would have prevented the cancerous growth of the state, our subsequent loss of liberties, the destruction of families, abortion on demand, the death of free markets, and the horrors of today's pervasive pagan culture.

In Catholic Republic, Gordon recounts our nation's clandestine history of publicly repudiating, yet privately relying on, Catholic ideas about politics and nature. At this late hour in the life of the Church and the world, America still can be saved, claims Gordon, if only we soon return to the Catholic principles that are the indispensable foundation of all successful republics.

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