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FREE! UPDATED! Catholicism vs. Feminism "Just the Sources" PDF

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FREE! Catholicism vs. Feminism "Just the Sources" Pamphlet


In this UPDATED printable 35-page PDF pamphlet, Timothy and Stephanie Gordon compiled the Catholic best citable sources to combat feminism from both of their anti-feminist books: The Case for the Patriarchy (Sophia Press, 2021) and Ask Your Husband (self-published, 2022).


This pamphlet is intended to assist all who wish to competently battle the diabolical notion that one can be a Catholic and a feminist. In this pamphlet you will find:


  • 72 Holy Scripture vs. Feminism sources 


  • 32 Popes vs. Feminism sources


  • 32 Church Fathers/Early Doctors vs. Feminism sources


  • 9 Scholastics vs. Feminism sources


  • 7 The Catechism vs. Feminism sources


  • 11 Short Replies to Common Feminist Objections



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FREE! UPDATED! Catholicism vs. Feminism "Just the Sources" PDF

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