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RECORDED U.S. History (15 Classes!)

Recorded U.S. History Class


This recorded, 15 lecture, class can be taken at your leisure and is avaliable to start watching immedialty after purchasing! 


Suggested Textbook (to purchase seperatly): Land of Hope: An Invitation to the Great American Story


Class Description:

We are living through a time in our country when the American Founding has been under critical attacks by numerous influential institutions. This course will be designed to have a comprehensive understanding of the political, religious, economic, and social themes of American history. Another aspect of the course will be to counter the overly critical narrative of American history found today in the contemporary culture and to display the achievements of the American experiment along with its foibles. This course will provide a greater appreciation for American history, and a better framework to view the present issues in light of our history. 


  • Pre-recorded 15 (hour-long, each) lectures!

  • Best for ages 13 and up (but all ages are welcome!).

RECORDED U.S. History (15 Classes!)

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