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RECORDED Church History Class (21 Classes!)

Recorded Church History Class (21 one-hour lectures)


This pre-recorded, 21 lecture, class--taught by Timothy Gordon--can be taken at your leisure and is available to start watching immediately after purchasing! 


Church History Class Description: 


The most important imaginable course on the history of Western Civilization! Another name for this course could be: "Real European History," the secrets of which all revolve around the fact that the Catholic Church built Europe and the West. This class will cover Pentecost through the present day! The extent to which you've been lied to about the Catholic history of Europe will blow your mind!


  • Best for ages 13 and up (but all ages are welcome!).
  • Optional textbook to purchase click here! (The textbook is NOT necessary, only purchase it if you wish do supplement reading).
  • Class slides, tests, and answer keys will be provided.

RECORDED Church History Class (21 Classes!)

  • We cannot offer standard refunds--as in returns, but we are pleased to offer exchanges for a future semester. However, if you have extenuating circumstances, please write an email at and explain what your needs are. 

  • ****IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE OF THE US: you can still join the class. To do so, please enter any random US address at checkout because the website doesnt recognize international addresses for orders.***

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