PRE-RECORDED Catholic Republic Class

PRE-RECORDED Catholic Republic Class Information:


  • Go at your own pace with Tim's 14 pre-recorded lectures on his book, Catholic Republic!

  • All students enrolled in this self-paced class will be able to ask Tim questions in a LIVE office hour session every Tuesday at 5:00 PM (CST) on Zoom.

  • Best for ages 13 and up (but all ages are welcome!)

  • Cost is $200 for the family (please only immediate family members. There's no limit on immediate family members who would like to watch the lectures alongside you).

  • Textbook: purchase Catholic Republic from Sophia Press.


Catholic Republic Class Description:


In this (PRE-RECORDED) 14 lecture course which closely follows the book Catholic Republic, I will evidence my claim that America, like all republics, must be crypto-Catholic in its intellectual heritage. Students will be given modest weekly reading assignments. Each lecture will cover 1/2 of one of the book’s seven chapters.


If you watch one of the 14 lectures a week the the pacing will be:


The first two weeks will cover: CHAPTER ZERO and its topic, the natural law. (Each of the following six chapters’ republican creatures will be shown to be a product of the distinctly Catholic natural law.)


The following two weeks will cover CHAPTER ONE and its topic, natural rights.


The following two weeks will cover CHAPTER TWO and its topic, subsidiarity.


The following two weeks will cover CHAPTER THREE and its topic, virtue ethics.


The following two weeks will cover CHAPTER FOUR and its topic, proper Christian humanism and Church-state rapport.


The following two weeks will cover CHAPTER FIVE and its topic, the family economy.


The following two weeks will cover CHAPTER SIX and its topic, proper science and technology.


Each lesson will demonstrate how its topic/creature cannot self-consistently be explicated from a secular-left (ie Enlightenment) or a religious-right (ie Protestant) perspective—but only a Catholic one.

PRE-RECORDED Catholic Republic Class

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