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LIVE! One Flesh Class: How Catholic Marriage ACTUALLY Works!

One Flesh Class: How Catholic Marriage ACTUALLY Works!

(Hosted live by Timothy and Stephanie Gordon)


Class Description:

Are you married, engaged, or being called to the marital vocation?


Introducing a live marriage class (and Q & A) with Timothy and Stephanie Gordon.  This will be a VERY SPECIFIC praxiological course for marriage, in a time when the Church and society offer ZERO help--frequently even LIES about marriage--to married people.  (The Gordons will teach nine truths about marriage so embarrassingly or dangerously true that no one speaks of them in ANY corner of the Catholic Church!)


Mainly, this course is about how to grow closer together with your spouse and to rescue your marriage from Satan’s primary dividing tool: frequent spousal squabbles due to wifely insubordination, dysfunctional husbandly frustration, and mutual boredom and disinterest in one another.


Class Info:

Who: Hosted live by Timothy and Stephanie Gordon 

When: Wednesday evenings at 7:00PM CST (starting Wednesday, September 11th, 2024)

Where: Classes will be held live on Zoom

Cost: $175 

Duration: ~nine classes (one per week on Wednesday evenings starting September 11th, 2024) lasting for about an hour each. 

Format: Each class will begin with a lecture and end with a live Q&A.

Can't Make Live Class? All sessions will be recorded and available to watch at your leisure. 


Tentative Schedule:

Class 1 (September 11th, 2024):

"Be your own island"

  • 100% key ("leave and cleave"): neither spouse's family-of-origin should get in the way
  •  Your couple’s decisions are your own
  • You are each other’s #1 fans/bffs/supporters
  • All the above signals why people know they can’t come between you
  • Bottom line: MAKE IT FUN. It’s a boring island unless all the above pieces are working
  • Classes 2-9 to show specifically HOW to make your island fun (and holy)


Class 2 (September 18th, 2024) : 

"It’s ok to fight (within reason)"

  • Certain young couples worry about this
  • Women should confront issues less, men (leaders) should do it significantly more
  • But never in front of others
  • Detour from the day’s flirtation/project: a. necessary evil b. GOAL: to return to flirtation
  • Someone is wrong—stipulate and apologize
  • Keep it surgical


Class 3 (September 25th, 2024): 

"Authentic spousal masculinity/femininity"

  • The main challenge presenting in 99% of marital spats involves failing to ensure wifely submission by wives with "big personalities"; we will show how this works

  • Husbands, never say “I’ll ask the boss.”

  • Wives, your husband is your boss (don’t like your boss—YOU picked him)

  • Complementarity: Your sexual attraction drives the day forward.

  • Woman as leader destroys men’s affection

  • Women aren’t attracted to effete men (which is why they gripe at/about them)


Class 4 (October 2nd, 2024):

"NEVER EVER EVER talk badly about your spouse"

  • Wives do this a lot (even on TV)
  • Husbands fail to effectively lead or confront wives and then gripe to buddies about "sassiness" or "insubordination"
  • Functional gender dysphoria results

  • This is the effect of husbands not leading affectively


Class 5 (October 9th, 2024):

"Work hard, play hard"

  • Keep spirit of flirtation throughout the day
  • Every aspect of couple's fun together should carry undertones of sexual innuendo

  • Commit to work totally, and then to home totally: 100-0/0-100

  • Aristotle and the “household economy”


Class 6 (October 16th, 2024):

"Husbands are the priests of the home"

  • This means, very specifically, leadership

  • Irony: women ordering men to lead

  • Men should lead prayer and contrition, taking family to Confession and Mass

  • Men are called to lay their lives down (which is why they deserve submission) like Christ

  • What it means that husband is also prophet and king of home


Class 7 (October 23rd, 2024):

"The de-sexualizing Catholic-Puritan bedroom ethos doesn’t work"

  • Marital sex and moral theology

  • Cultivating careful attention to taste/preferences

  • Contraception doesn’t mean artificial alone (see above)

  • How do we know it’s centrally important (“the martial act”)

  • Spouses relate to each other infinitely better when the bedroom in order


Class 8 (October 30th, 2024):

"Put marriage first, kids second"

  • Marriage is the rock
  • The best thing man can do for his family is to WILL HIS WIFE's GOOD—not pander to her
  • Same for wife (NOT NAG)
  • Don’t allow children's activities take over all spare time
  • Catholic couple should network to babysit for each other’s romantic dates
  • Dates aim at surgically zeroing in on sexual flirtation--NOT at talk about work, chores, and banalities.
  • This involves proper preparation for dating, i.e. learning to flirt 


Class 9 (November 6th, 2024):

"Save your best for your spouse"

  • Don’t treat friends, family, co-workers better than your spouse
  • TOTAL HONESTY: Never keep secrets or lie (even by omission)
  • Men: treat your spouse like you did when you were courting
  • Women, dress up and beautify every day, just like you did during courting
  • Pull out all the stops
  • Women should be attentive of their figure to help man’s nature 



About The Gordons

Timothy and Stephanie Gordon will have been happily married for nineteen years and have seven children. They are both practicing Catholics and publish extensively on Catholic marriage and family life. Timothy is the author of The Case for Patriarchy and Stephanie is the author of Ask Your Husband


LIVE! One Flesh Class: How Catholic Marriage ACTUALLY Works!

  • ***IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE OF THE US: please enter any US address at checkout because the website doesnt recognize international addresses for orders.***

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