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RECORDED! JRR Tolkien--Introduction to Middle Earth Seminar

Pre-Recorded! JRR Tolkien--Introduction to Middle Earth Seminar (18 Lectures!)


This pre-recorded, 21 lecture, class--taught by Anthony Bedoy--can be taken at your leisure and is available to start watching immediately after purchasing!


Instructor: Mr. Anthony Bedoy

Ages: 15 and UP!


Class Description:


-  Students will engage with the mind and faith of JRR Tolkien by way of Middle Earth and the epic tale of Lord of the Rings.


-  As the course follows the steps of Tolkien’s perilous tale, key themes of the Catholic faith, the good life, and eternal truths will be drawn to enhance our reading of the text. One can hope to attain not simply an appreciation for and knowledge of Tolkien’s tale, but also adopt the method and logic of Tolkien’s stalwart faith.


-  No prior knowledge of Lord of the Rings or JRR Tolkien will be necessary - the course will introduce students to the content. However, because this course is a seminar course, reading before class and participation in the weekly seminar will be significant.


-  The course will encourage student participation during the weekly class time with questions, comments, thoughts, and dialogue with the instructor and other students. Recordings will still be provided for those who cannot attend the seminar.


-  Office hours will be provided.


-  Brief reading quizzes to check for understanding and unit reflection paper

topics will be provided.



[All students will read the same text, multiple options are available - it will not have a significant outcome on the course whichever choice you make]. Please chose one option for your textbooks: 


 Option A (three separate bindings, cheaper)

-  The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (ISBN: 0345339703)

-  The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (ISBN: 0345339711)

-  The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (ISBN: 0345339738)


OPTION B (single binding, more expensive, instructor will use)

- The Lord of the Rings: 50th Anniversary Edition (ISBN: 0618517650) - Includes maps, all appendices, ribbon marker, index, etc.


Brief Course Outline:
Week 1 - Introduction to Tolkien’s mind, faith, and craft

Reading assigned: [Prologue, Book I: Ch. 1-4]


Week 2 - The Life of Hobbits & the Big Folk

Reading assigned: [Book I: Ch. 5-9]

Week 3 - The Perilous Journey within and without

Reading assigned: [Book I: Ch. 10-Book 2 Ch. 1]


Week 4 - Where many paths and errands meet

Reading assigned: [Book 2 Ch. 2-4]


Week 5 - Deep roots are not reached by the frost

Reading assigned: [Book 2 Ch. 5-10]

Week 6 - I do not know what strength is in my blood

Reading assigned: [Book 3 Ch.1-4]

Week 7 - We never say anything unless it is worth taking a long time to say

Reading assigned: [Book 3 Ch. 5-8]

Week 8 - Faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens

Reading assigned: [Book 3 Ch. 9-Book 4 Ch. 1]


Week 9 - The Taming of Sméagol

Reading assigned: [Book 4 Ch. 2-5]


Week 10 - On betrayal

Reading assigned: [Book 4 Ch. 6-10]


Week 11 - Writing the world like men write words

Reading assigned: [Book 5 Ch. 1-4]


Week 12 - For Death and Glory

Reading assigned: [Book 5 Ch. 5-10]


Week 13 - A day of wolves and shattered shields...

Reading assigned: [Book 6 Ch. 1-4]

Week 14 - Do you remember the taste of strawberries with cream?

Reading assigned: [Book 6 Ch. 5-7]


Week 15 - “Well, I’m back”

Reading assigned: [Book 6Ch. 8-9]

RECORDED! JRR Tolkien--Introduction to Middle Earth Seminar

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