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FREE! RECORDED Shorter Summa Class  (donations appreciated!)

**This is a free class, however if you'd like to give a donation to Timothy for the class please do so here: or via mail: Timothy Gordon PO Box #18488 Hattiesburg, MS 39404

(Suggested donation $50 for those who are willing and can afford to do so)




Class Info:

Instructor: Timothy Gordon, J.D., Ph.L., M.A.

*Optional* Text Book: Aquinas's Shorter Summa

How to watch class recordings: please add this class to your cart and checkout unsing the email address you would like the class playlist link sent to. Classes will be uploaded to the playlist every Friday of Lent.


Class Description

You’ll be surprised how ineffective most RCIA is!!  During Lent, supplement your deficient (past or present) learning of Catechetical basics, with 7 weekly hours (spanning this penitential season) taught by TJG.  One hour for each of the seven weeks of Lent.


***This is NOT RCIA…it’s RRCIA. If you are interested in converting to the Catholic faith you **must** do so by contacting your Catholic diocese and follow their protocols/instructions. This course is for your own personal study/edification and not at all a replacement for diocesan RCIA classes/protocols. To convert to Catholicism, there are specific, numerous tasks that must be accomplished under the supervision of your diocese/Catholic priest.  


FREE! RECORDED Shorter Summa Class (donations appreciated!)

  • ****IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE OF THE US: you can still join the class. To do so, please enter any random US address at checkout because the website doesnt recognize international addresses for orders.***

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