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RECORDED Create Your Own Homeschool

How to Create Your Own Homeschool


This pre-recorded, 4 lecture, class--taught byTimothy & Stephanie Gordon-can be taken at your leisure and is available to start watching immediately after purchasing!


Class Info:

Instructor: Timothy Gordon, J.D., Ph.L., M.A.


Class Description

In this four-session “class,” Tim will show you how to run your own homeschool.  He will show also why so doing has become completely necessary.  He will show also how the socialists like John Dewey indoctrinated Americans to believe that they were incapable of educating their own children and instead needed to depend upon something new and relativistic called “curricula,” which emphasized “the child not the subject matter.”  Tim will show what to do during the first period of a child’s education (grammar period), the second period (logic period), and the third period (rhetoric period). 


The main takeaway: it’s surprisingly simple.



RECORDED Create Your Own Homeschool

  • ****IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE OF THE US: you can still join the class. To do so, please enter any random US address at checkout because the website doesnt recognize international addresses for orders.***

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