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RECORDED Baltimore Catechism Class



Instructor: Timothy Gordon, J.D., Ph.L., M.A.

Ages: Every age is welcome. From the very young to the very old everyone should be acquainted with the Baltimore Catechism. 

Text Book: St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism (No. 1): Official Revised Edition

Whenwatch the 9 lectures at your leisure!

How to access the class: please add this class to your cart and checkout using the email address you would like the class videos sent to




Join Timothy Gordon for an 9 course, and a resource for adult self-educators and homeschoolers alike. 

RECORDED Baltimore Catechism Class

  • ****IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE OF THE US: you can still join the class. To do so, please enter any random US address at checkout because the website doesnt recognize international addresses for orders.***

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