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FREE! Catechism of Trent Study Course

This is a free class, however if you'd like to give a donation to Timothy's family it would be greatly appreciated! Please do so here: or via mail:

Timothy Gordon 

PO Box #18488 

Hattiesburg, MS 39404



In this free 5-week summertime course (one class per week covering the entire catechism), Tim will break down the Four parts of the Roman Catechism—corresponding with 100 pages of reading per week—splitting into two weeks the most extensive Catechetical section:

Week 1) The Creed

Week 2) The Sacraments

Week 3) The Sacraments

Week 4) The Decalogue

Week 5) Prayer


Recommended donation to Timothy's family $100 if you are able.




Live instructor: Timothy Gordon, J.D., Ph.L., M.A.


Ages: Every age is welcome. From the very young to the very old everyone should be acquainted with the Catechism of Trent. 


Textbook: please purchase the Catechism of the Council of Trent: Traditional Novena Prayer Edition, $12:


When: Tuesday nights at 6:00 pm CST live on Zoom for 5 weeks starting on 5/23/23.

week 1: 5/23/23

week 2: 5/30/23

week 3: 6/6/23

week 4: 6/13/23

week 5: 6/20/23.


How to join class: please add this class to your cart and checkout using the email address you would like the class information sent to. The link to join live class will be emailed to you along with important class information. 


Can't join us live? No problem! We record every class and upload them to a class playlist. All enrolled students will have access to the class playlist to watch the lectures at their leisure.


International students: if you live outside of the US, please enter in any US address at checkout or else our website will not allow you to register. You're welcome to plug in my PO Box address to register: PO Box 18488 Hattiesburg MS, 39402.


FREE! Catechism of Trent Study Course

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